Workers’ Compensation

"I wasn't even sure that my case would compensate me after I had reviewed my case with 2 other lawyers...Jerrod actually listened and looked through all of my paperwork and listened to my situation unlike the other two lawyers that I spoke to before him. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely go with Jerrod from the start!"

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Workers’ Compensation

Getting injured at work can be a challenging and uncertain time in your life. Although the Colorado workers’ compensation system is supposed to help you, there are probably a lot of benefits you’re not receiving.

Besides dealing with the pain and recovery process, you’ll have to answer many unfamiliar questions. Will I receive lost wages? Which medical facilities should I go to? Will I be fired from my job? What bills am I responsible to pay? Can I trust the insurance company?

Even though it may seem as if the deck is stacked against you, know this: you have rights and options.  At the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya, we want to explain these rights and equip you with the knowledge to use those options.

If you have been injured on the job and you are wondering if you may be covered under work comp, contact the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya as soon as possible. The first few days after your injury are the most crucial; don’t go through this alone.

Treatment Matters

At the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya, we are dedicated to injured people in Colorado. We show that dedication in several ways. When you call our office after being hurt on the job, we’ll not only help you figure out your next legal step, but we’ll also help you understand your medical options. We understand that although money compensation is important, your health is a top priority. This is why we work with several trusted physicians throughout the state, who can provide independent medical exams and insight, making sure your treatment stays on the right track.


Understanding Colorado Workers’ Compensation

Work comp law is complicated. Not following all the procedures and meeting the strict deadlines can mean inadequate medical care and problems with wage payouts.

Maybe you’ve done some of your own online research, but you don’t want or need to understand everything about the Colorado workers’ compensation system; you just want to know how it applies to you and your family. But as you read through the state government’s website, you still can’t figure out the answer to the one question that keeps dancing circles around your brain: what do I do next?

Don’t hire an attorney who only “dabbles” in workers’ compensation; get someone who specializes in it. We’ve been helping people find their answers, leading them toward financial stability and a healthier future. Colorado workers’ compensation is complex and the system isn’t easy to navigate.  We know this, which is why we’re ready and willing to help you understand the who, what, when, where, and why of your claim.  Let’s cut through the red tape that’s stopping you from getting you the benefits you’re entitled to.

Depending on your case, we may even be able to find other ways of getting you compensation for your injuries. A Colorado work comp lawyer at the Law Office of Dianne Sawaya will determine your legal options and tell you how we think you should proceed.

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The Claims Process

Regardless of the type and severity of your injury, it’s important you report your accident to your employer right away in order to protect your rights in the future.

The amount of time you miss from work will determine the early status of the claim. If it’s less than 3 days (or 3 shifts), it will likely be handled as a “meds only” claim, meaning the insurance carrier will provide you with medical benefits but no lost wages. After 3 days, you can start to receive Temporary Total Disability (TTD) or Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) benefits, based on the amount of time you’re missing from work.


As you heal and come closer to the end of your treatment, a doctor will put you at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and evaluate whether you have an impairment rating. This is a critical juncture in your case as it is the primary factor in determining both your future medical care and your Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) monetary payout.

Too many individuals try to work through injuries instead of taking advantage of their Colorado-provided workers’ compensation rights. If you were hurt in the “course and scope” of employment, the carrier must provide you with these benefits, made payable at least every two weeks. This is beneficial for two key reasons; it allows you to receive wages and simultaneously take the necessary time off of work to recover from your injuries.

Regardless of how minor or major your injury or illness is, you are protected by Colorado law.

This information only scratches the surface of workers’ compensation, and no doubt you have some specific questions you’d like to have answered. At the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best claims experience possible.  No matter what stage in the case you’re in, we can provide you with expert assistance. We want to make sure that you are receiving all of the benefits you’re entitled to, and to ensure physicians are properly taking care of your needs. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Understanding Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

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