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Truck Accident Injury Attorneys

Semi TruckAn accident involving an eighteen-wheeler is a devastating event for all involved. The sudden impact with a vehicle weighing up to 80,000 pounds can cause traumatic injuries to the driver and all passengers in the smaller vehicle.

In an instant, the crunch of metal, shattering of glass, and screams of those around you can turn your world upside down.

At The Law Offices of Dianne L. Sawaya LLC, we understand the hardships you or a loved one face after suffering a truck accident injury. These big rigs can cause severe damage, leading to hardships and stress you never expected.

Many individuals that we meet following a truck accident don’t know where to begin. Questions cloud their judgment, causing fear and anxiety as they discern what actions can help to alleviate their physical, emotional, and financial pain.

Fortunately, our Denver truck accident attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to help those suffering from such an injury. Our team is dedicated to helping you and your family by getting you the medical help you need and the compensation you deserve.

What Should I Do after a Truck Accident?

Above all else, our truck accident lawyers value your health and well-being, both in the short-term and long-term future. Your physical pain and suffering needs to be addressed as soon as possible by competent and caring medical professionals.

Shortly following an accident, the team at The Law Offices of Dianne L. Sawaya LLC will put you in contact with the doctors you need. Our personal injury attorneys are respected in the Denver medical community, and have connections with medical professionals that can serve your needs sooner rather that later.

Not only are we well connected in Denver’s medical community, but our lawyers are also very familiar with medical treatments—given our experience in the personal injury field—and can help you make an educated choice as to which treatment options to pursue.

What Legal Options Do I Have in Colorado?

After we have addressed your need for appropriate and timely medical attention, our team will help you begin the seeking the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

We understand the internal dilemma you may be facing: “I’m not the type of person to sue.” You must understand, however, that after such a life-altering accident, you aren’t “just suing.” In reality, you are trying to get as much help as possible for those who matter most in your life. This is by no means unfair—it is what’s best for you and your family during this most difficult of times.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, contact our Denver office as soon as you can. Timeliness is of the utmost importance when it comes to personal injury cases, and the sooner you reach out to our Colorado truck accident injury attorneys, the sooner we can begin investigating the details of your case, securing evidence, and provide you with the medical attention you need. Hesitating to contact an experienced attorney can lessen your chances of securing the compensation you deserve.

What if I’m Partially At Fault for the Truck Accident?

Our lawyers are often asked whether an injured individual can (or should) take legal action if they are partially at fault for a truck accident. The answer? You may still have the right to receive compensation and assistance for your injuries. If you have been physically, emotionally, or financially impacted by an accident with a semi, contact our The Law Offices of Dianne L. Sawaya LLC right away.

Why Contact The Law Offices of Dianne L. Sawaya LLC?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a Colorado truck accident, reach out to a firm that truly cares about your well-being. Our smart, aggressive, and compassionate attorneys will fight for the compensation you need and deserve. We pride ourselves on our prompt feedback and response to our clients, and will always do what is right for your case.

It is our goal that, after working with our Denver truck accident injury lawyers, that you and your family feel you have hope and guidance for your future, despite the harsh circumstances you face because of the crash. We will serve you to the best of our ability, acting as your advocate and ally. We will protect you against the injustice insurance companies so often try to impose on those who need help the most.

Reach out to The Law Offices of Dianne L. Sawaya LLC today by calling us at (303) 758-4777. Or, if it is more convenient for you, fill out the form at the top of this page. Upon submission, you will hear from someone on our team shortly.

We believe that during this tough time, you and your family need only focus on one thing: healing. Let us handle the rest.

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