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Birth Injuries

Do You Need a Denver Birth Injury Attorney?

Every parent hopes to give birth to a happy, healthy baby. Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Negligence during prenatal care, labor or during delivery can lead to babies being born with cerebral palsy, a head injury or brain damage, or other injuries such as nerve damage. Or babies may suffer forceps injuries or be disfigured in other ways in the delivery room as a result of medical malpractice or careless procedures that neglect the health of the mother. All these can lead to your baby suffering a lifetime of serious consequences. These are things that should never happen.

But when they do, call the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya. If you think something just wasn’t right about your delivery and you think your child is injured or disabled as a result, we recommend that you contact one of our birth injury lawyers. We’ll investigate your case, and put the finest medical experts to work reviewing records and medical procedures. With our economic specialists, we’ll develop a detailed plan for how to provide your child for the years of medical care, education and other special requirements they’ll need in the future.

Our birth injury attorneys take on negligent doctors, hospitals, obstetricians, midwives, nurses and their insurance companies. If we have to, we’ll take your case to a jury to get the compensation your child deserves.

If your baby has been seriously injured during birth, call the Law Offices of Dianne Sawaya now at (303) 758-4777, or contact us for a free evaluation of your birth injury case. We’ll do everything in our power to get you and your child the justice you deserve. There’s no obligation, and remember – if we work together, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

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