Keep Track of Your Receipts Following a Colorado Car Accident

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Keep Track of Your Receipts Following a Colorado Car Accident

added by Dianne

May 20, 2011
under Auto Accidents

Start with an expandable accordion-style folder that you can find at an office supply store. Label the individual pockets for the various kinds of receipts you’ll start collecting. In each pocket, keep doctor bills, the explanation of benefits (EOB) forms from your health insurer, medicines and drugs (including over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen), supplies and other receipts. Make sure each receipt has the date, place or provider, the amount and a brief note of what the expense was for. Don’t forget mileage, either. If you’ve been injured in a Denver car accident and you need to drive your car somewhere for something related to your injury – the doctor’s office, physical therapy visits and so on – note the date, where you drove and why, and the number of miles you drove.

Also, when you have to pay for something, it’s best to pay with a credit card, debit card or check, and keep your receipts. You’ll have a record of the expense when you get your credit card bill or bank statement. If you must use cash, make sure you get a receipt for the expense and note what it was for.

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